2013 Cycl’Aigoual/Fenioux

Another great bike race last year was the Cycl’Aigoual Fenioux. Another 150 k ish ride starting and finishing in Meyrueis (Lozère) and going through our very own home from home, La Roque Saint Marguerite (as does the Templiers). So another chance to show off. Again the last 50k were a bit too much and I was in survival mode just able to turn the pedals grinding my way back up from Treves. And I was well placed to savor the innumerable little rises that punctuate the ‘plateau’ of the Causse Noire before going back down the long climb we had made when leaving Meyrueis that morning which had strangely transformed into quite a short run downhill. Finished 111th out of 112 and got the T shirt but should really have been disqualified as too slow (20kph vs 23kph minimum requirement) Still I wasn’t complaining. The 2013 course included the steep and spectacular climb up a road with grass and grit in the middle from La Truel in the Jonte valley to the quaintly named Saint Jean des Tripiers village. Another fabulous day.

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